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Beach Skydive from up to 15,000ft

Located in Shellharbour – Wollongong and within 90 minutes of Sydney, enjoy the thrill of a lifetime with a tandem skydive in our picturesque beachfront location. Most people will skydive once in their lifetime. We want to make sure it’s the best possible experience. Our 5-star customer reviews demonstrate our professionalism and attention to detail.

The combination of adrenaline-pumping excitement and stunning natural views, makes us Sydney’s best beachside skydive. People say they choose us for our great reviews and location. Our unique location, providing an unrivalled photogenic backdrop to your skydiving adventure and photos.

$100 Deposit option available. Pay the balance on the day.

Proudly Australian and family owned.

Price Beat Guarantee

If you find a cheaper deal, we’ll beat it by $20 per ticket – for a beachside skydive within 120km of Sydney CBD.

Tandem Skydive

no hidden fees or extra charges, prices from
$ 399 or 4 x $99.75 with
  • Tandem Skydive from up to 15,000ft
  • Scenic flight, freefall, parachute ride, transfer back to airport
  • All equipment , training, licence fees
  • Optional add on: Photo and Video Packages

Optional Packages

Photos and Videos

Skydiving around Sydney never looked so good! It is something you’ll want to remember forever, and to share with your loved ones, too. By choosing to get a video made of your jump, you’ll have something you can look back on yourself and that your friends and family can watch, so they can feel like they were there too!

Shellharbour is a short drive from Sydney but it feels like a world away with the scenery that’s on offer. The backdrop of our unique location makes your photos and videos stand out!

We pride ourselves on producing quality images and videos by creating video and photo packages that capture your skydive journey. You’ll be able to share your experience with family and friends.

Not only do we have the most experienced skydive instructors in Australia, but our skydiving instructors are also equipped with the latest technology camera equipment.

You can add on photo or handcam video and photo packages on the day too. If you’d like the outside cameraman please book in advance.

Best Views and Scenery

Our exclusive views and spectacular scenery of the Illawarra escarpment, Shellharbour beaches, brand new Waterfront Marina and Lake Illawarra form the perfect backdrop to your photos and video!

Your professionally edited video and photo package will be ready the same day and will be shared with you via email.

Do I Also Get Photos?

Yep! This is what you get with each photo and video package:

Stills Photos
Handcam Video
Outside Camera Video
Photo Package
Video and Photo Package
Outside Cameraman Video and Photo Package
Play Video about Skydive_Australia

A skydiving video is a video made of your jump that you can keep to remember your experience by for years to come. A skydiving video is captured in two ways, either using a handcam, or by a freefall camera person (outside video).

Handcam is the name for the small camera our tandem skydiving instructors wear on their wrist.

The Skydive Instructor will capture a short interview on the ground, plane ride up with views, plane exit, parachute opening, your face throughout the skydive and during the parachute ride too, and gives a great scenic views while under the parachute! The angle is much closer up than the outside camera…

A freefall videographer is a skydiver whose job it is to wear a camera on their helmet, fly with you and film your whole skydive. The videographer will exit the plane with you and capture your exit from the plane, all of freefall and landing from the best angles. They’ll even grab you on the ground for a reaction shot!

The benefit is that the angle is further away than handcam, meaning you can see your whole body and the sky and ground around you too, giving a great sense of position. You also get handcam video when you purchase Outside Camera so you’ll also get the parachute ride footage.

Each skydiving video is different. With handcam, the video you get depends on you primarily, and how much you interact with the camera – and, most importantly, smile!

For outside camera, it’s a bit more creative. These are professional skydiving videographers who take great pride in their work – plus, they’re super awesome flyers themselves, which means they’ll sit right in front of you to film you as you fall, as well as flying around you to show how high up you are and to capture some of our exquisite views.

This might mean your video (and skydive experience with a fellow person in freefall) is a little different to your friend’s, but it makes sense, right – unique videos for unique experiences!

No, unfortunately not.

If choosing handcam, your instructor will wear the camera on his/her hand and only be able to capture you.

When you choose outside camera, you get a dedicated camera person who will film your experience for you. They sit in front of you in the sky in freefall and fly around you to capture the whole experience. That means they can only film one skydiver at a time. It’s also a safety requirement, as we have to have adequate distance between our tandem skydivers, which makes it impossible for the camera person to film more than one at a time.

The main regret we hear from our tandem skydiving customers is that they didn’t buy a skydiving video. Once you’ve experienced the jump, you’ll undoubtedly want to share it with everyone you know and post it on your social networks, but without a video, there’s no way to do that!

You’ll receive your skydiving video and be able to upload to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. and to share it via email or simply gather round the TV and watch together.

Booking your skydiving video/photos is simple! Book online when purchasing your skydive. We recommend this option when booking Outside Cameraman. All options (subject to Outside Camera availability) can also be added on, on the day of your skydive or anytime by calling us. 

Book Online Now

On the Day and Getting Here

The average duration for your skydive is 2 hours. This includes check-in at Shellharbour Airport, safety briefing, boarding the aircraft, scenic flight, skydive with beachside landing and trip back to the airport. Aim to arrive at or just before your booking time.

The parachute landing area is just 10 minutes from Shellharbour Airport.

We don’t keep you waiting unnecessarily! In some cases we may experience unavoidable delays caused by air traffic or weather. If this is the case, we will work closely with you to move the booking to another mutually convenient time slot. For this reason, we recommend having a flexible itinerary planned for your day.

Check out our contact page for how to get here from Sydney or Canberra for your skydive.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer skydiving to as many people as possible, young, old and those with a disability. Because all our Instructors are highly qualified and experienced, we are able to accommodate those who have the desire to skydive. Please contact us for an individual assessment.

Skydiving is a weather dependent sport. There are certain conditions that prevent us from jumping, which can be a bit of a bummer! But it’s all about mitigating risk, so when the wind is too strong or the clouds are too big, we’re stuck on the ground.

We will contact you the day before to confirm your skydive. If it looks like we won’t be able to skydive due to weather, we will let you know as soon as possible in case you’re travelling from Sydney or Canberra for your Skydive.

In the unfortunate event that weather means you can’t jump on the day you’d hoped to jump, don’t worry! We’ll simply reschedule your jump for another day. We will let you know, with as much notice as possible, if your skydive is impacted by the weather.

If you’re unsure about how the weather’s going to be on the day of your jump, feel free to get in touch.

We recommend booking a morning slot as the weather is usually more favourable.

Even though you’ll be landing alongside the beach, enclosed shoes with a flat sole (like sneakers) are essential.

You can skydive in almost any clothing that you’re comfortable in, just remember to wear warmer clothing on colder days.

Contact lenses and/or spectacles can be worn as normal. We provide goggles to wear during the skydive including goggles that fit over spectacles.




People have high expectations when they come to skydive. Our aim is to exceed those expectations. To achieve this, our focus is centered around a personalised experience. We are there when you book, check-in and skydive. The same small team throughout. We love skydiving and have dedicated our lives to the sport. We love sharing the adventure that is skydiving and there is no better location than Shellharbour (Sydney's south coast).
Wishing you Blue Skies from our family to yours, Rob, Megan (co-owners), Isla (4), Mason (2).

15 000 +

Skydives Each


Years Experience


Panoramic views