Best Places to Tandem Skydive Around the World

Many people want to do a skydive and tick it off their bucket list. The easiest way to do this, is by doing a tandem skydive with a skydiving instructor. There are many places around the world that offer tandem skydiving. If you’re keen to skydive, and what to know more about the best places around the world, then check out our list (in no particular order, grouped by region).


Sydney – BIGWAVE Skydive

Sydney’s most glamorous skydive. Exclusive views and spectacular scenery of Shellharbour beaches, Bass Point and surrounds make for the perfect tandem skydive backdrop. BIGWAVE Skydive is family owned and operated, with take-off from Shellharbour Airport.

BIGWAVE Skydive – Sydney – Shellharbour

Perth – Skydive Geronimo

Skydive Geronimo is hands down the best skydive in Perth. Unbeatable views accompanied by highly experience instructors and the perfect backdrop.  Jumping out of a plane over Rottnest Island is truly unique.

Adelaide – Coastal Skydive

South Australia’s Tourism award winning skydive, Coastal Skydive offers premier beach landings. There’s a choice of Semaphore which is only 20 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD or the stunning crystal clear waters of Aldinga. Either way, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure.

Moruya – Skydive Oz

This well established drop zone is owned and operated by Paul (Poo) Smith. Mr. Poo Smith is a well respected and highly experienced skydiver himself. The drop zone is frequented by many a novice and sport skydiver. Tandem skydiving at Skydive Oz offers outstanding beach views and an exhilarating experience.

Great Ocean Road – Skydive 12 Apostles

See the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles from a new perspective! Skydive 12 Apostles offers tandem skydives with a team of passionate and highly experienced instructors. A small locally owned business, Skydive 12 Apostles boasts 5-star customer reviews.

Brisbane – Gold Coast Skydive

The Gold Coast’s only tandem skydive landing on one of Queensland’s white sandy beaches. Family owned and operated since 1988. Take-off from Coolangatta Airport and you’ll be amazed by the coastal views before your exhilarating freefall and parachute ride. With a parachute landing on Kirra beach, you’ll be all smiles for the rest of the day.

Toogoolawah – Skydive Ramblers

Skydive Ramblers is one of the oldest and most established drop zones in Australia. This family-owned drop zone caters to all skydivers from those seeking a tandem, to those wanting to learn how to skydive and the most experienced skydivers. Watch out for the kangaroos when you land!

Western Australia – Skydive Jurien Bay

Situated half way between Perth and Geraldton, this drop zone offers the perfect tandem skydiving backdrop over Western Australia’s clear blue waters. The team at Skydive Jurien Bay has won multiple tourism awards.


Boston – Skydive New England

Where do we start with such an epic drop zone! Skydive New England is a legendary drop zone run by an amazing team of people and privately owned. Only 1.5 hour drive from Boston, get ready to write your 5-star review after you’ve done a tandem skydive with them.

Illanois – Skydive Chicago

This is arguably the best drop zone in the world. Host of the legendary Summerfest Boogie and host of multiple national and international skydiving competitions. A tandem skydive at Skydive Chicago will certainly introduce you to the world that is skydiving.

Georgia – Skydive Atlanta

BIGWAVE Skydive owner Rob used to work at Skydive Atlanta! Skydive Atlanta is the perfect tandem skydive drop zone around Georgia. Being a family-owned drop zone, means every customer is valued and given the ultimate skydiving experience. Conveniently located at Thomaston Airport and operating for over 30 years means you’re in the best hands.

Skydive Atlanta

California – Skydive California

Located on a private airstrip near the San Francisco Bay Area, Skydive California offers tandem skydiving as well as training and sports skydiving. The team of professional and friendly crew are ready to take the plunge with you and ensure your skydive is as safe as it is exhilarating.

Wisconsin – Skydive Midwest

Serving Chicago and Milwaukee, Skydive Midwest offers tandem skydiving from up to 14,500ft. Skydive Midwest is classic drop zone offering that awesome drop zone vibe with great people and facilities.

Washington State – Skydive Kapowsin

For over three generations the Farringtons have been offering tandem skydiving in Washington State. The climb to altitude has a great view of Mt. St Helens, The Olympic Mountain Range, Mt. Rainier and The South Sound. A tandem skydive at Skydive Kapowsin is sure to be a memorable one.


Germany – Go Jump Germany

Go Jump is conveniently located 1 hour from Berlin in Gransee. They offer skydiving for everyone. For those seeking a tandem, AFF course or licenced skydivers. Excellent facilities including a bistro means you’ll not only enjoy your tandem skydive but also your time on the ground.

Spain – Skydive Spain

So you’ve tried flamenco, now you’re ready to tandem skydive in Spain. 45-minutes from Seville, Skydive Spain is your pick for tandem skydiving. A professional team is ready to take you on an adrenaline filled adventure.

UK – Skydive Langar

Here you can do a tandem skydive for fun or for charity. The crew are experts and ready to take you on a thrilling skydive. Located near Nottingham, experience the thrill of freefall with Skydive Langar.


South Africa – Skydive Pretoria

Rob, owner here at BIGWAVE, learnt how to skydive at Skydive Pretoria. It is a resort-like drop zone with its oasis of tall trees, thatched roofs, and swimming pool. Located at Pretoria’s Airport, only short drive from Pretoria CBD. You can learn to skydive (and join the local skydiving community) or do a tandem skydive with one of their highly experienced instructors.

South Africa – Skydive Cape Town

Experience one of the most beautiful cities in the world from new heights. Skydive Cape Town offers tandem skydives with exclusive views of Table Mountain and Robben Island. Conveniently located a short 30-minute drive from Cape Town, their friendly team is ready to welcome you 7-days a week.

Skydive Cape Town

Tanzania – Skydive Zanzibar

Beach landing next to Kendwa Rocks bars and restaurant, you’re in for a treat at Skydive Zanzibar. Stunning views and an awesome crew make for an unforgettable tandem skydive in this beautiful part of the world.