Can I get a Discount on my Skydive?

This question is often asked and rightly so. Requesting a discount is part of making key purchasing decisions. This is especially true for a significant purchase like a skydiving ticket around Sydney and Wollongong. The cost to go skydiving is an important factor and must be weighed up between operators around Sydney. When contemplating a skydiving adventure, factors such as location, views, and pricing inevitably come into play. In this bustling market, with three prominent operators within easy reach, comparing prices becomes essential.

But with options aplenty, how do you navigate the maze of skydiving prices and operators? It’s like choosing the perfect wave to ride—location matters, views matter, and heck, so does the price tag!

Comparing your Options around Sydney

Many of the skydiving Sydney and Wollongong operators advertise that they’ll match or even beat pricing for a comparable product. Comparable being the key word. Skydiving options vary based on exit height, location and views that accompany that, and the quality of customer service throughout the journey. So, if you stumble upon a sweeter deal elsewhere, don’t shy away from asking for a price match or an extra sprinkle of awesomeness.

Large Corporates Flexing their Muscles

The larger corporates will usually push back and use their favourite words being “not comparable”. They may even deny that other skydiving operators exist! Skydiving around the Sydney and Wollongong areas is very competitive. In the past with little or no competition, some operators have been able to get away with poor customer service. Of course, the big guns might flex their “not comparable” muscles, acting like they’re the lone rangers in town. But with the skydiving scene buzzing around Sydney and Wollongong, that old tune is fading faster than you can say “freefall.”

The bigger companies can offer greater discounts because of their economy of scale so don’t be afraid to get a better deal. Their advertised prices are usually not their best prices.

BIGWAVE Skydive – New Operator in Wollongong-Shellharbour

Speaking of which, have you heard about the new kid on the block in Shellharbour, just a hop away from Wollongong? Word on the street is they’re all about top-notch service, with Google reviews shining bright at a perfect 5 stars. Now, that’s the kind of vibe we’re talking about!

BIGWAVE Skydive is all about beach skydiving —the creme de la creme of aerial adventures. Skydive over the turquoise Shellharbour waters, golden sands of Killalea, Bass Point and Bushrangers Bay —now that’s what we call living the high life!

Being Nimble Counts for Discounts

The smaller and/or family-owned operators like BIGWAVE Skydive are much nimbler and can offer significant discounts, price matches, or beat any skydiving package deals on the spot. It’s also important to keep in mind your bargaining power. Group bookings should not be underestimated. Larger groups can leverage their numbers to negotiate better rates or additional perks, enhancing the value of their skydiving experience. Considering that skydiving is often a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list adventure for many, the overall experience is what matters.

How did they Respond to your Request?

Your initial interaction with an operator sets the tone for what follows. Did you go through to a call center and wait in a queue? Was the person friendly and helpful? Did they provide accurate information and validate your request for a discount or price match? Did you end the exchange feeling like you were a valued client or just another number?

Why is Skydiving so Expensive?

Some also ask this question. Skydiving is a highly regulated sport with Australia and around the world. Skydiving is an extreme sport yes; it is also one that requires aircraft and a high level of skill from those carrying out the operation. Like other airports or scenic flights, the price of skydiving is determined by the costs associated with aircraft. This includes costs such as aviation fuel, aircraft certification and maintenance, pilot fees, airport landing fees, aircraft insurance, hangarage and licences.

Apart from the aircraft, other costs that contribute a significant portion to the overall cost are those licences and insurances required to provide skydiving services. Tandem skydiving instructors are highly skilled, as well as the pilots who are qualified to fly skydiving aircraft. From keeping those birds in the sky fuelled up to ensuring your instructors are top-notch pros, every aspect adds up.

And let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes stuff—marketing, admin, and all that jazz—it’s all part of the package.

In essence, the cost of skydiving tickets in Australia reflects a culmination of various factors, each essential for ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience. While discounts and negotiations play a role in securing the best deal, understanding the underlying expenses provides a broader perspective on the pricing dynamics of this adrenaline-fueled sport.

Make Memories that Count

So, as you ponder your skydiving options remember this: beyond the discounts and the price tags, it’s about the experience, each moment is a memory in the making.

So, grab your goggles, buckle up, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Because when it comes to jumping out of a perfectly good plane, the sky’s the limit—and the view from up here? Well, let’s just say it’s out of this world.

Views over Wollongong-Shellharbour at BIGWAVE Skydive