Aerial view Bushrangers Bay at Bass Point

Paradise Found: Skydive over Shellharbour’s Bushrangers Bay

Skydive in Shellharbour and enjoy breathtaking views of pristine coastal sanctuaries like Bushrangers Bay only 90 minutes south of Sydney.

With its blend of history and modern vibrancy, Shellharbour remains a cherished spot in New South Wales. While many recognise it as the host of the National Surfing Reserve at Killalea, there’s more to this city than meets the eye. Just a short distance away, the allure of Bushrangers Bay beckons. Set within Bass Point Reserve, this bay offers a marine sanctuary that’s a delight for casual visitors and aquatic enthusiasts.

As you journey through this article, you’ll be introduced to the enchanting locale of Bushrangers Bay, its historical significance, and a vivid portrayal of its natural splendour and marine wonders. Not to be missed are the captivating attractions and activities, particularly the thriving BIGWAVE Skydive, promising striking aerial views to elevate your adventure. With all these gems tucked away in this corner of Australia, dropping by Bushrangers Bay is definitely worth a visit!

A Glimpse into Bushrangers Bay

Bushrangers Bay, located just south of Shellharbour, is a prime location, coastal reserve and abundant marine life. Unlike typical beachside destinations, this gem, features a rocky shoreline, hidden rock pools and spectacular snorkelling viewing, distinguishing it in the Illawarra region. 

Tourists can access the bay via Bass Point Tourist Road and perhaps catch a glimpse of a parachute landing along The Shallows beach. If you’re seeking an adrenaline boost, the sky’s the limit! Today, you can skydive to experience an unmatched aerial view of the bay’s captivating waters.

Historical Significance

While the actual historical stories of Bushrangers Bay are many and varied, the name alone brings up ideas of Australia’s bush-ranging past. Bushrangers were criminals who roamed the state of New South Wales for almost a century, with names like Ben Hall and Captain Thunderbolt becoming legendary. The name of the bay suggests a connection to these stories, maybe as a hideout or an important location in their adventures.

Marine Life and Biodiversity

Bushrangers Bay is a marine lover’s dream. While its fierce waves caution against swimming, it’s a hotspot for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Bushrangers Bay Aquatic Reserve, nestled in Bass Point Reserve near Shellharbour Village, boasts rock pools with marine wonders. Its underwater habitat, mimicking a grand theatre, starts shallow and deepens, sheltering grey nurse sharks, rays and vivid fish. To preserve this aquatic gem, fishing is off-limits, and divers are reminded to respect the fragile corals. Another beautiful way to see Bushrangers Bay is via a skydive with BIGWAVE Skydive where you can get a beautiful aerial view of it. 

Nearby Attractions and Activities

Shell Cove Marina

Boasting a brand-new dining precinct including the popular Tavern restaurant with alfresco dining options and views of the marina, this is a must stop while in Shellharbour.

“The Farm” at Killalea

Located just around the corner, in the now NSW National Park, Killalea is the iconic beach most commonly known as “The Farm” by the locals.

Mystics Beach

Killalea boasts a campground which is also in close proximity to the popular surf spot Mystics Beach, also known as Minnamurra Beach. The Minnamurra River is also nearby ready to explore.

Kiama Blowhole

Journey just a little further south, and you can visit another famous site, the Blowhole at Kiama. It is the largest in the world and when the swell is from the southeast, it’s at its most dramatic.


For adrenaline junkies, BIGWAVE Skydiving near Shellharbour offers an unmatched skydiving experience. Participants can expect to be treated to stunning aerial views of the bay and its picturesque surroundings during their skydive.

Oi, yes mate! There’s a new high-flying adventure in town. BIGWAVE Skydive is making waves in Shellharbour. While they initially set their sights on Shellharbour South Beach, the winds of fate guided them to the picturesque Shallows Coastal Reserve near Bass Point in Shell Cove. Impressed by their commitment to safety and the environment, the local council gave them the green light. So, if you’re up for a ripper of a time, strap in and leap over the gorgeous Shellharbour landscape. It’s all good vibes and safe skies!

BIGWAVE Skydive: The Thrill of a Lifetime

Just a short 90-minute drive south of Sydney, this spot offers a ripper of a jump with views that are hard to beat. It’s the perfect blend of heart-pounding excitement and top-notch scenery, located right on the NSW south coast at Bass Point Beach, close to the new Shellharbour Marina.

Taking the Leap

BIGWAVE Skydive was envisioned as Shellharbour’s premier skydiving adventure by co-owners Rob and Megan. Their perseverance brought them to the ideal location: The Shallows Coastal Reserve near Bass Point. It’s not just about the adrenaline rush; BIGWAVE provides an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience. With Rob’s three decades of experience in skydiving, including representing South Africa and Australia on the global stage, jumpers are in safe hands. 

The Thrilling Experience

Picture yourself high in the sky, the wind in your hair, and the breathtaking views of Minnamurra, “The Farm,” and Bushranger’s Bay below. The real deal? You’re falling from a height of 15,000 feet. As you descend, you’ll have views of the Illawarra escarpment, Shellharbour beaches, and the brand-new Waterfront Marina. It’s more than just a leap; it’s an experience.


At BIGWAVE Skydive, safety remains the top priority, but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t have a blast. The instructors are exceptional, with each boasting over 20 years of experience and an impressive tally of skydives under their belts. They’re certified by the Australian Parachute Federation and operate right out of Shellharbour Airport. Before taking that exhilarating leap, they’ll ensure you’re all set for the activity. And just in case you’ve got a few extra kilos, no worries. They’ll work with you one-on-one.

Just a quick note: if you have any heart conditions, epilepsy, or seizures, skydiving might not be suitable for you. Rest assured; safety is prioritised to ensure everyone enjoys their experience.

So, if you’re up for a risk-free and sensational adventure, BIGWAVE Skydive in Shellharbour is where it’s at.

Why Choose BIGWAVE Skydive?

BIGWAVE Skydive is one of the ultimate choices for where to skydive in Australia, and here’s why:

  • Picturesque Aerial Views of Shellharbour: Jump with BIGWAVE and you’re in for a real treat. From the scenic flight showcasing views of Lake Illawarra, The Farm, Bushrangers Bay, and the marina to the thrilling jump and serene parachute descent, it promises an unforgettable adventure. How cool is that?
  • Back the Locals: BIGWAVE Skydive on the NSW south coast. By jumping with them, you’re giving a local business a boost.
  • No Drama with Cancellations: Plans change, and that’s alright. Give them a heads up 48 hours before, and they’ll sort it out for you, no fuss.
  • First Time? She’ll be right: Thinking of skydiving? Going tandem is the go. No experience needed. Their top-notch instructors will look after you, letting you enjoy the buzz without all the training.
  • Safety First, Always: BIGWAVE Skydive prioritises safety above all else. They’re ecstatic about their perfect safety record. They follow the rules, have the best instructors, and their equipment is always top-notch.

Take the Leap

Shellharbour’s a beauty, no doubt about it. But to truly embrace the thrill of this place, you’ve got to take a leap – quite literally.

So book an Aussie skydive https://bigwaveskydive.com.au/booking/ and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure. Add BIGWAVE Skydive to your action-packed activity to your itinerary and put Shellharbour, NSW on your bucket list of things to do in Australia: www.visitshellharbour.com.au